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What is a mommy makeover?

Santa Rosa, CA – A mommy make is a surgical procedure that is designed for women who have completed the child bearing years. The surgery is breast surgery, tummy tuck and usually liposuction. This is a life changing procedure with a very high patient satisfaction.

How You Can Benefit From A Mommy Makeover cosmetic surgery for patients in Sonoma County?

You’re done with child bearing, you’ve lost so much weight, and now you have scooped and saggy breasts, tummy skin which exhibits all kinds of stretch marks and an undesirable belly. How do you deal with that? A mommy makeover may just be what you need to regain that body you once had. Click here for complete information.

Mommy makeover Surgery has High Patient Satisfaction

A mommy makeover may include a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation and liposuction, or a combination of any of them. You determine what bothers you or what you want to achieve and a cosmetic surgeon Miguel A Delgado, MD will put up the right treatment procedure to suit your needs. Do you want to change many things? That’s not a problem as all these can be done in a single surgery. Visit our website for complete information.

A tummy tuck surgical procedure gets rid of stretch marks around the belly and repairs torn abdominal muscles, or lifts upper thigh muscles to give you a lifted, slimmer look. A breast lift removes excess skin around the breasts, and repositions your nipples to give them a nice perky look so the point forward instead of downwards. If you want to achieve firmness and fullness, doing breast implants the same time as your breast lift will perfect you. Dr Delgado is the expert to make your dreams come true.

When undergoing a mommy makeover treatment, different surgical procedures like tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift or liposuctions can be combined to touchup your body to its original shape before you fell pregnant. Below are ways on how you can benefit from a mommy makeover:


Each woman’s body is different and unique, and mommy makeovers ,tummy tuck, breast surgery and liposuction, are designed to suit the personalized needs of women undergoing the procedure. If you are bothered by pockets of fat that won’t go no matter how you exercise or change your diet, liposuction may just be what you need.

If you suffer from excess skin and weak stomach muscles around your abdomen, a mommy tummy tuck is what you need. No matter what problems you experience after giving birth, a mummy makeover will get your body back to shape.


Some years back, women who needed different facial surgical procedures had to visit their surgeon’s office regularly to have different cosmetic procedures performed on them. The great thing about a mommy makeover is that different surgical procedures can be performed on you at the same time, enabling you to recover from off of them at once, thus saving you discomfort and recovery time.


Probably one of the greatest benefits from having a mommy makeover procedure is the high self-esteem women will experience after the process. For most women, a mommy makeover signals the start of a change in lifestyle and maintenance of their appearance. For others, the procedure allows them to feel good about themselves on the outside as much as they feel on the inside. After the procedure, you’ll be able to dress differently and take part in those outdoor activities which you previously avoided. Call cosmetic and plastic surgeon Miguel Delgado, MD,FACS today.

Mommy makeover is the treatment of choice for this condition. Call today or email or visit